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  Workers' Comp Claims That Have Been Denied

Reasons for Denied Claims

There are many reasons why a workers’ compensation claim could be denied. Common reasons include:

  • No medical treatment

  • Lack of significant medical documentation

  • Pre-existing injuries or previous claims

  • Evidence that the injury occurred outside of work

  • Improperly filed claim

  • Failure to notify supervisor or employer

In many cases, these denials occur because people who are unfamiliar with the situation and do not have all of the necessary information make decisions about your benefits. Additionally, employers may not always provide accurate information. It is critical to make sure that your claim is being given fair treatment by providing all of the necessary information.

It is important to understand that you do have options after a denied claim and that you can exercise those options with the help of an experienced  workers’ comp claims lawyer.

A benefits denial does not have to mean the end of your fight. At the Barnett Law Firm, in Decatur, Georgia, our firm assists injured workers in the appeal of denied benefits claims. At our firm, attorney Hank Barnett is dedicated to helping clients achieve successful resolutions that will help them get necessary medical treatment and money benefits, return to work and move on with their lives.

In the appeals process, attorney Hank Barnett can represent you every step of the way. He will review your claim and help you prove the facts of your injury to the Workers’ Compensation Board.




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