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  Officer Worker Injuries

Office workers are at risk for types of injuries that are different from other occupations. Many of the injuries office workers sustain can occur sitting at their desks or even performing what some may consider “simple” physical activity in the office. If you are an office worker who was injured at work, the Barnett Law Firm can assist you with a workers’ compensation claim.

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If you sustained an office worker injury such as a repetitive motion injury, carpel tunnel syndrome, back injury or neck injury, turn to the law firm that has been helping injured workers for more than two decades. Call the Barnett Law Firm today to schedule your free initial consultation with our Decatur, Georgia, attorney. We can be reached at 404-378-1711 or 800-786-8851.

Types of Injuries Sustained by Office Workers

Atlanta office worker injury lawyer Hank Barnett has been protecting the rights of injured workers since 1983. He can effectively handle your workers’ compensation claim and get you the benefits you deserve. If you would like to learn more about your rights after an office injury, turn to our firm for guidance. We assist office workers who have sustained white collar work injuries such as:

  • Falls due to wet floors, inadequate lighting, unsafe walking surfaces and more

  • Back injuries while lifting office furniture, files, computer equipment and more

  • Ergonomic injuries such as neck injuries, shoulder injuries, back injuries, eyestrain and carpal tunnel syndrome

While working in an office does not typically put you at risk for injury in your day-to-day work, there are risks, and injuries can occur. If you were injured at your office job, do not hesitate to speak with us about your rights and options regarding workers’ compensation for office workers.




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